Chris Lake & John Dahlback – I Saw This Before

I caught the preview of this track a few weeks back, and just the names attached to it were enough to build some excitement. Both of these guys are progressive-house giants, and it shows in this collaboration. Starting off with an intense electro build, it smooths out into a very melodic masterpiece. The influence of each of these guys is very apparent in this track, with Dahlback’s carefully layered, electro builds, and Lake’s crazy, high energy drops and breaks. Together, these guys have pumped out a massive track. And with a new Chris Lake album on the horizon, he’s certainly doing a great job adding to his collection of dance floor hits as this is his follow up to the beautifully melodic vocal piece, ‘Build Up.’

Check it out below and grab the track on iTunes

 Chris Lake & John Dahlbäck – I Saw This Before (Original Mix)

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