Germany Germany – Departure (Music Video)

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve heard anything from Germany Germany. Apparently band member, Drew Harris, released a couple tracks back in February. But now we have the official premiere and music video debut of one of those tracks entitled ‘Departure.’ For those who don’t know about Germany Germany, it is the work of lone genius Drew Harris. In his past work, he’s been able to create beautiful soundscapes that make the listener completely lose him/herself in the music. His music creates images and feelings in your mind that surprise and shock you because they were caused simply by listening to one song. It’s quite remarkable how much of an influence great music can have on you.

This track is no change from his typical formula. It’s a brand of dreamy electronic music with airy synths and hypnotizing vocals. And the video, directed by Sophia Emmerich, is a beautiful visual of two girls elegant girls dancing and turning this song into a visual experience. ‘Departure’ is said to be on Germany Germany’s upcoming album, Blank Mind Empty, which is set for release sometime next month. But in the meantime, enjoy this brief departure from the real world.


Download the song for free on his Bandcamp Page

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