The Naked and Famous – Young Blood (Tiesto and Hardwell Remix)

Something about The Naked and Famous just get’s my musical juices flowing. They’re an exciting band, with a fresh, likable sound that is nearly impossible to not fall in love with. So when I saw that Tiesto teamed up with Hardwell to put out a remix of a one of The Naked and Famous’s biggest songs, naturally I jumped on it immediately. Unfortunately, I may have been a few days behind the release, but the important part is, I got to it eventually. And what they did with it was actually quite unexpected. I was anticipating a totally transformed, high energy, big progressive house track that Hardwell has been becoming quite known for, and Tiesto has been gearing more of his releases towards. What we found in reality, is a track that sticks closely to its original formula, with some added synths and a downtempo rhythm that’s more reminiscent of Tiesto’s trance days. Whatever it is though, I definitely love it.

Download ‘Young Blood (Tiesto and Hardwell Remix)

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