Kid Cudi Debut’s New Hip-Hop Track at Live Show

With the recent release of Cudi’s intro to rock, WZRD, most of us weren’t sure what his status was with regards to hip-hop. He did state that he doesn’t plan on returning to hip-hop any time soon, but this video may prove otherwise. It also proves why I think Cudi needs to get back to rapping. While I was very pleasantly surprised by how good WZRD turned out, Cudi rapping just seems to effortless. It’s where he belongs, and as you can tell in this video, it’s where his fans adore him most.

Cudi dropped this brand new track at a live show in New York as an acapella. No telling where this track is going to end up, but it definitely sounds like it’ll be popping up on our radars somewhere in the near future.


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