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As many of you have probably noticed, there’s been a lack of new content on the site for the better part of this month. Since the inception of The Music Ish, my day-to-day schedule has fortunately allowed me to put hundreds, if not thousands of hours towards providing you all with the best music around. But as my life continues to change, as does my ability to put my best foot forward towards this project of mine.

What many of you have probably noticed as you browse around the blogosphere, is that a lot of these sites have multiple writers to help keep them updated at all times. I, however, have taken this on alone. That means every single post written, song listened to, or artists I’ve formed relationships with, have been done entirely by my hand. To put that sort of time and effort into something is a feat in and of itself. Which is why I couldn’t bring myself to allow someone else to take over. This project started with me, and I plan on having it end with me. But the end does not necessarily need to be now. This is just a brief speed bump that will hopefully be smoothed over in the not too distant future.

I do want to thank everyone who has ever taken a look at the site. Without knowing there were people out there who really enjoyed and appreciated what I was doing, none of this would have been worth it. As I said, I’ve put thousands of hours into making this site the best I possibly could, and I did it for all those fans, and all the artists making everybody feel great simply through their music. Growing alongside you guys has been an amazing ride, and I look forward to continuing it very soon.

All you artists out there, keep creating the music that gets us through our days. And all you fans, just keep listening. Thanks everyone, and I’ll be back.


Much Love,

The Music Ish

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With Gramatik’s new label, Lowtemp, well underway, it only seems natural that we start hearing some new artists. Exmag was the first to be debuted, and actually featured Gramatik himself in the band. But today, we’ve got another new act who goes by the name of Branx. I honestly don’t know a ton about Branx’s background, or where he came from, but Gramatik seems to believe in his sound. And after hearing his debut track ‘Smoove Operator’, it’s obvious why. This is an absolute monster in the ways of future funk. Not to dissimilar from artists like GRiZ or The Floozies, this track is packed with funky glitch progressions, and deep electro-soul breaks. It’s got a bassline that will make your knees wobble, and some synth leads that will take you to another era entirely. I’m excited to see where this young producer goes form here. But based off his first track, I think he’s got a long career ahead of him.

No word on the official release date, but we can expect it to drop in the next couple of months.


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Brand new track from Flux Pavilion, and the second release from his forthcoming Freeway EP. His first track was a collaboration with Steve Aoki, and I didn’t the production was in true Flux Pavilion style. But ‘Gold Love’ has shifted back to what we’ve come to love and expect from the bass king. The track starts with some symphonic synths, and the howls of Rosie Oddie’s vocals. But this is only the beginning. Rosie’s lyrics move to the forefront of the song while it sharply opens up into a pulsating flurry of hazy drums sections and pounding bass. The beat times perfectly underneath the rhythmic vocal section, and Flux seems to know exactly when to pull it back, only to resurface  bigger than before. This is absolutely phenomenal production from top to bottom, and has officially gotten me excited for the release of the entire Freeway EP on November 11th.

Flux Pavilion – Gold Love (Ft. Rosie Oddie)

Pre-order the Freeway EP

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This may seem a bit after the face, but back in 2012, I’m sure many of you remember the incident at EDC Las Vegas. Due to extreme windy conditions, the festival was cut short one of the evenings, and as a result, a number of artists were cut short as well — one of which was Tommy Trash. So, in response to this, he’s gone ahead and released this aptly titled electro banger, ‘Fuckwind’. Continuing in similar vein as most of his previous productions, the Australian put forth an intensely high energy electro track, filled with giant progressive builds, powerful grinding drops, and intricately layered melodic breaks. The pace is brutal in its raw energy, and the high-end leads are piercing in their demeanor. This isn’t Trash’s all time best song, but it fits beautifully in their with the rest of his library, and fans will be losing their minds when this gets dropped live. Oh, and it’s being offered as a free download!

Tommy Trash – Fuckwind (Original Mix)




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By now we all know how much Deadmau5 loves teasing previews of tracks. He’s done it more times than I can count, and that’s just looking at these last few months. But none thus far have quite lived up to his latest work, ‘Drop the Poptart. Featuring some beautifully seductive vocals from Colleen Moreaux, the song is a gorgeous soundscape topped with melodic piano progressions, and signature Deadmau5-style synths.

Joel described this track as “just a sketch,” but for now, I’m more than happy with the result. There’s no telling when or where this will be released, but I think we can expect it to pop up at his recently announced NYE show in Long Island, and most definitely on the tracklist of his forthcoming album. Enjoy the preview below, and stay tuned as more information continues to filter in.


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Kat Krazy’s ‘Siren’ has been receiving some major play time as of late from all directions. But leave it to the Trance worlds biggest name to give it his special touch. On Armin Van Buuren’s latest ASOT episode (ASOT 638), he did us the service of previewing his ‘Siren’ remix, and it’s everything you would imagine it would be on paper. The vocals stay true to the original, but Armin’s melodic approach, and high intensity basslines always make for such an incredible listening experience. The juxtaposition between those two components creates a feeling of pure euphoria mixed with the sudden urge to completely lose control. It’s all of that, wrapped into a tight package, topped off with Elkka’s lovely vocals. This is a remix worth listening to, and should be released on Armada Music November 18th. But enjoy the ASOT RIP for now.


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The Flaming Lips have had quite the illustrious career. They’ve become known for the quirky personalities, Wayne Coyne’s crazy production techniques, and of course, their off the wall live shows. And through all of this, their biggest defining song was without a doubt ‘Do You Realize’. The powerful lyrics, and emotive, uplifting melodies running through the song created a track that fans would forever relate to.

Indie-folk outfit, Fossil Collective, have taken on the challenge, and put their own stamp on this track. The original, upbeat rock components of the original have been cleared away, to make room for some cleaner acoustic sections, and beautiful vocal harmonies that hold an intense amount of delicacy, and that perfect amount of folksy charm that the group has become so known for. The guitar layers sit neatly underneath the vocal harmonies, and it all comes together in this absolutely phenomenal rendition of a song that has certainly played an important part in musical history.

Fossil Collective – Do You Realize (The Flaming Lips cover)


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I hate to admit this, but I nearly passed over this song without giving it a second glance. I guess it just goes to show where my mind is these days. Hip-hop has taken a deep dive into the dark unknown. And pioneers like Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip have seemingly lost a step since their glory days. But something about it just forced me to backtrack and click play — and wow, I am sure glad I did. This is bringing hip-hop back to its glory days. ‘Thank You’ was produced by Busta himself, and shows him in top form. He spits some fast-paced bars, never skipping a beat, and always sounding as crisp as possible. This is the Busta that helped to shape the hip-hop game. And the Tribe Called Quest member seems to be back as well. Q-Tip hasn’t been very active in recent years, but his witty lyricism, and easy flow have not been lost. He’s still every bit as on point as he ever was, and ‘Thank You’ proves to solidify that sentiment.

Granted, the sample of course is not an original. But they’ve chosen well as Alicia Myers’ ‘I Want To Thank You’ is an absolute classic. The song comes together nicely and may just be one of my favorite hip-hop tracks of the year. It would have been nice to hear a bit more out of Weezy and Kanye, but their contribution is much appreciated, and gives even more validity to just how good this song is. Busta’s Extinction Level Event 2 album will be dropping in 2014, and you can be sure to hear this track on there.

Busta Rhymes – Thank You (Ft. Q-Tip, Kanye West & Lil Wayne)


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The Crystal Method are undoubtedly one of the most influential electronic groups in music. They were putting out albums when a lot of todays biggest names were in diapers. It has, however, been a few years since their last LP was released. But we’ve officially received the first single from their upcoming, fifth studio album. The track features vocals from indie-rocker Dia Frampton of Meg & Dia, and chooses to place them on the top line of the track — a bit different from much of their previous work which emphasized rhythms, breaks, and bass. ‘Over It’ really lets us in on their glitchy bass components while we still allowing us to focus on the playful, almost childlike vocals of Dia. It’s a great introduction to their new project, and a comes as a nice unexpected surprise. So enjoy the free download, and stay tuned for more info on their forthcoming album.

The Crystal Method – Over It (Feat. Dia Frampton)


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Message to Bears is the work behind multi-instrumentalist Jerome Alexander. There are no other members to this band. It’s the brainchild of a single musician, which is incredibly hard to believe given the intricate textures, and beautifully layered components that his music utilizes. His newest track is entitled ‘Moonlight’ is is set to appear on what will be his third LP — an album that he’s calling Maps. With two LP’s already in the books, and a third one coming, I definitely have some catching up to do. But better late than never.

‘Moonlight’ is a beautiful fusion of folk style acoustic ambience, with soft, layered electronic textures. It’s a song with an otherworldly feel, and rests in its own cross-section of genres. While the layers build, and intensity increases, yet never reaches a point of no return. The song always lands softly back on its feet, while the soft vocal melodies rest plainly on top, brining the song together in a nice neat package.

This is a truly unique style of music, from an undeniably talented artist. Maps will be released November 12th, which is right around the corner. So hang on tight for a few more days while ‘Moonlight’ sinks in.

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Kaskade just LOVES his mashups. And so do we, so I guess everybody wins. His latest was released on his Soundcloud page just yesterday, and features what is without a doubt my favorite track from his latest Atmosphere album, mixed with Moguai’s hit song ‘Champs’. ‘Something Something’ features the vocals of Zip Zip Through The Night, which is what’s highlighted in this mashup. But then comes the easily recognizable melody of ‘Champs’ with his high-end leads, and thumping bass kicks. It’s hard to not fall in love with Kaskade’s productions, as they always have a sense of upbeat, well-intentioned energy that no other DJ out there can match.

Kaskade & ZZTTN vs. Moguai – Something Something Champs (Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mash Up)


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If you haven’t heard Awolnation’s hit song ‘Sail’, that went viral a little over a year ago, then I guess you’ve just been living under a rock. But for those who have left their bedroom at least once in the last 18 months, you’ve probably heard it. Well today, it’s gotten a major facelift. Pop start Dev has added her own flavor to the track in this cover. The grungy scream of the original vocals have been replaced with some smooth, but sassy vocals from Dev. The song as a whole is relatively the same. But Dev’s attitude, and the inherently higher pitch of a female singer, really change the outcome of the song. All in all, I can definitely get down with this cover.


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Yesterday Childish Gambino apparently sent out a tweet to recent collaborator Jhené Aiko with a link attached. That link led to a download of this brand new track ‘Melrose’. There really isn’t much to it, however, it is a beautiful, easy-listening track that shows off Gambino’s sultry falsetto and a smooth piano progression. It’s simple, but it does the trick. If you’re looking for a witty hip-hop track, than you will be sorely disappointed. But I happen to enjoy the simplicity, and the mellow synths that burst from this song.

Because The Internet is due out December 10th, but you can enjoy this track as a free download while you wait.

Childish Gambino – Melrose


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If you’re still not familiar with Manic Focus, then it’s time you open up your ears. Every day there are more and more artists creating this bass-heavy soul music, but very few do it with the ease and fluidity that Manic Focus does it with. His style varies from track to track, often times leaning more towards the side of bass, while other times his sound is softer with a bit more soul. But no matter what the cocktail, Manic Focus makes it to perfection, and it’s always smooth going down.

Following up his recent Distant Perspective album, Manic Focus is back with a remix of ‘Use Me’ — one of the all time classic blues/soul tracks by Bill Withers. If you don’t recognize this track by title, I promise you will recognize this timeless riff. And what I love so much about this remix is the soulfulness and attractive energy of the original is all very much present throughout. But there’s a great deal of added bass, glitchy breakdowns, and wobbly progressions. It’s everything great about the original, and everything great about Manic Focus, all mixed up into one beast of an electro-soul track.

Bill Withers – Use Me (Manic Focus Remix)


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The Killers are gearing up to release their 10th anniversary compilation album, Direct Hits. It is coming packed with some of our favorite past hits, along with a few new tunes, including this newly released, Just Another Girl’. This track fits right in with the classic sing-a-long hits they’ve had over the years. Frontman Brandon Flowers sings with conviction about a lost love, while the band backs him up with some arena, 80’s style instrumentals. It’s a song that seems to even predate past work from The Killers, but certainly brings in the modern day pop-rock sensibilities that The Killers manage so well.

Direct Hits, is due out November 11th, which is right around the corner. So use this to hold you over for just a few more days, and grab the album in its entirety next week.

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